Concierge Tagging Service


Love the idea of consigning your treasures but DON'T love the idea of tagging it yourself?


We can help with that! Consider using our Concierge Tagging Service.


Here's how it works.


Step 1: Gather Your Treasures (following our guidelines of what we accept)

Step 2: Bring Your Treasures To Us (make your appointment online!)

Step 3: Get Paid (within 10 business days of the conclusion of the sale)


Concierge Consignors pay the consignor registration fee of $15 when they register; they receive 40% of their sales, and a $20 Concierge Fee is deducted from their check.


Seriously. It's that easy! Text 919-414-7764 for more information. Drop-offs will begin on June 19, 2023.


Important Information:

  • Concierge Consignors register and pay the Registration Fee of $15
  • To reserve a drop-off appointment for Concierge Tagging, go to your Consignor Homepage.  All appointments available will indicate CONCIERGE ONLY. Choose one for the week that works best for you.  NOTE: all appointments are for a Monday at 2am - obviously you're not dropping off in the middle of the night! We will be in touch a few days before your scheduled week to sort out a date and time that work for both of us.
  • Drop-off address will be given when date and time are scheduled.
  • The first 250 items are included in the $20 Concierge Fee.  There is a $10 fee for each additional 100 items. All of these Concierge Fees are deducted from final check.
  • Items should be delivered to us in a clean, working fashion.  Clothes do NOT need to be on hangers. Items that need batteries to be installed by us will incur a $1 fee per battery AA/AAA battery and a $2 fee for all other batteries (subject to change based on current battery prices).
  • Items need to be organized. Please put "like items" together in cardboard boxes.  Due to space limitations, we need to be able to stack boxes.
  • Plastic Bins will NOT be returned to consignor.  Cardboard boxes are greatly preferred.
  • Items that need cleaning (toys, decor, etc.) will incur a Cleaning Fee, TBD.
  • Items that cannot be used due to defect, age or stains will be thrown away.
  • Items that cannot be used due to seasonality will be set aside for consignor, to be tagged for next season. TTCS will hold those items til next season, or Consignor can pick them up).
  • Items that cannot be used due to category limitations (ex: we do not take household linens that are not new in the package) will be donated to a location non-profit organization.