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What We Accept

Image by Marcel Eberle

Item Limits

Consignors have a 250-item limit. An additional 100 items may be added *if the consignor has at least a 65% sell-thru rate for their latest sale*  ($10 deducted from check per 100 items).

Reminder: ALL adult clothing MUST go through the Concierge Tagging Service.  Appointments for drop-offs for consignors tagging everything else but bring Adult Clothing to us to tag will open August 1, and will be available throughout the month of August.

Restock will occur on Thursday. Restock Consignors will drop off after 7pm.  Traditional Consignors may choose to drop off additional large items at that time.

Soap Bar

Condition of Inventory

Our shoppers expect clean, working inventory. No inventory that is stained, damaged, broken, defective, incomplete or otherwise not up to our standards will be accepted.  Further, penalties for items that make it onto our sales floor will be deducted from consignor checks.

$1 will be deducted from consignor check if a defective item is brought to the front prior to purchase (that $1 will be donated to our charity partner).

$20 will be deducted if an item that is unable to be tested/checked onsite (1000 pc puzzle, board game, electronic, etc.) is purchased and returned due to defect/etc.

Month of January

Seasonal Items

For Spring/Summer Sale:

*Patriotic/Easter/Summer items

*Swimwear, sleeveless, shorts, etc.

For Fall/Winter Sale:


*Christmas/New Year/Winter

*Valentines/St. Patrick's items

*Coats/Outerwear, Corduroy, pants, wool, gloves, etc.

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