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Item Prep

Suggested Supplies

TTCS sells supplies!

We sell certain supplies at cost - zero markup - contact TTCS to arrange purchase.

Hangers: 25 for $3

2" Safety Pins: 75 for $1

White Card Stock: 15 sheets for $1

Tagging Barbs: 125 for $1 (sorry, we do not sell the tagging guns)

Mesh Bags: 5 for $1


Safety pins, twine, zip ties, rubber bands, tape - all good ways to attach tags to items!


Zipper bags are great for multiple-pieced items.  A variety of sizes can be found at Dollar Tree/Amazon.

65# WHITE Card Stock

Plain white 65# Card Stock - NO COLORS - NO TEXTURED - NO GLITTER - NO SHINY

Don't re-use card stock that has already been used on one side - it causes delays at checkout!

Tagging Gun

Great for clothing! Purchase one at amazon, hobby lobby or your local office supply store. (Should cost $10-20)


Use any sort of hanger you like - do a "Shake Test" to be sure it won't fall off (it'll never sell if it is on the dusty floor!).

We have found that nearly all clothing size 12 month and up fits on a "regular" hanger.

Best Practices Cute Kitty

Best Practices

  • Clean up those items! Shine the Shoes!

  • Test it out! Make sure it works.

  • Start early! Don't wait to start.

  • Small Bites! Do all the shoes. Then the books. Then the toys. Rinse & Repeat.

  • Make a "Tagging Tote"! Get all your supplies together so you are always ready (snow days are great for tagging!)

  • Read those emails!

  • Contact us with questions!

Best Practices Cute Vase

How Tow Prep, Hang & Tag...

Item Prep Instruction
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